Star Flower Light Shade

Product Description

A stunning range of pendant light shades made of finely cut wood veneer. Each design renders an ambient light above and a warm to bright light below, which is perfect for naturally furnished homes or contemporary interiors alike.

Available in two sizes and in five types of wood: Ash, Cherry, Sapele, White Oak and Black Walnut.

Sapele and Black Walnut are opaque, while Ash, Cherry and White Oak allow enough light through so as to illuminate the grain of the wood (highlighting the subtle red tone of the wood, in the case of Cherry).

Fitting: Screws into a standard pendant light shade fitting. Fitting and electric flex not supplied.
Bulb types: 20 Watts MAX LED or compact flourescent lamp
Ideas: Use a round / globe style bulb or a candle bulb to form a ‘stamen’ for the light shade
Shipping: Orders are shipped made up


Yorke Design Ltd

Yorke Design

A stunning set of light shade designs hang our flowers in a lobby hallway study nursery dining room lounge or bedroom. Alternatively create a feature space with a group of flowers above a breakfast table on a landing or elsewhere in the home. Choose from ambient medium or bright light.


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