sterling silver jigsaw puzzle pin/ lapel pin/ tie tack, made in UK

Product Description

Size of pin A: 12 x 7 mm (about 15/32″ x 9/32″)
Size of pin B: 12 x 8 mm (about 15/32″ x 10/32″)
Material: sterling silver (only) (both the pin and the pin back are in sterling silver)

This list is for ONE pin. At check out, please refer to the 4th image and choose the pin you want.

Huiyi Tan

Behind The Showcase

We are Huiyi and David :)

Huiyi is a GIA Accredited Jewellery Professional who was first trained to be an interior designer for her bachelor degree of science and jewellery design for her master degree of art. David studied fine art and design management for his degrees and has been working as a graphic designer since that. Together we design your jewellery which are all handmade here by Huiyi (David helps.... some times) at our studio in Cornwall England :)

If you would like to hear the latest news about our designer jewellery you are very welcome to be a fan of our Facebook Page there are lots of exclusive pictures there:


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