Sterling Silver Kaki Earrings

Product Description

Small kawaii Kaki (persimmon) earrings in sterling silver. They have been sawpierced by hand and then sandblasted. They measure approx 15 x 18mm and dangle on handmade (by me, of course) sterling silver hooks.

These are so cute. Little Blossoms dangling from hooks. They have been sawpierced and sandblasted by yours truly. Super light and very sweet. The are approx 15mm wide and 12mm high. Made from Sterling Silver.

©Ceeb Wassermann, 2011. The moral rights of the designer are asserted.

Shipping Info:
For Australia: It will be shipped express post.

International: By Airmail and should take between 5-7 working days and approx 14 to Canada.

ceeb wassermann

Ceeb Wassermann

Ceeb Wassermann is a is a Sydney-based jeweller/jeweler  who takes inspiration from her extensive experience in gold & silversmithing. Trained in Australia Germany & Switzerland and grew up in Europe and traveled the world quite extensively. 
Ceeb likes to capture the the serenity and beauty of the ocean and her love of 'japaneseness' in her  work. She is a great fan of Japanese Design especially 'Kamon' which are like family 'crests'...and also a great fan of "saw-piercing" which is cutting metal with a very fine jeweler's saw. You will see a lot of this technique used in her work.


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