Sterling Silver Stacking Rings You Choose (for 4 choices)

Product Description

Choose four of your own mix of stacking rings from the list:

1.purple sugilite
5.3D box
7.dragon vein agate
8.2 x stg silver spacer rings

If you choose #8, you will get 2 spacer rings (normally £20 each) in your size.Then you can still choose another 3 rings.

If you bought four rings separately, you would spend in excess of £220. So by getting them all at once you save and you get to have a different combination straight away.
Once you have decided which ones, then send me your choice & ring size on ‘message to seller’ upon checkout.

This item will be shipped 4-5 days after receiving order as they are custom made to fit.

©Ceeb Wassermann, 2009. The moral rights of the designer are asserted.

ceeb wassermann

Ceeb Wassermann

Ceeb Wassermann is a is a Sydney-based jeweller/jeweler  who takes inspiration from her extensive experience in gold & silversmithing. Trained in Australia Germany & Switzerland and grew up in Europe and traveled the world quite extensively. 
Ceeb likes to capture the the serenity and beauty of the ocean and her love of 'japaneseness' in her  work. She is a great fan of Japanese Design especially 'Kamon' which are like family 'crests'...and also a great fan of "saw-piercing" which is cutting metal with a very fine jeweler's saw. You will see a lot of this technique used in her work.


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