Stow - Away Cases

Product Description

Introducing our Stow-Away Case!

The idea started with constant broken crayons in the kids? grubby canvas pencil cases. It developed into a really useful carry-all box that sits up nicely on a desk, stows away neatly and still manages to look good. Another innovative idea from Wacky Practicals!

Robust – protects your knick knacks from life’s knocks
Washable – easy to keep clean
Adaptable – sits on flat surfaces or attaches to some tables
Easy to store – packs away cleverly with its own secure top
Durable – strong plastic that will stand the test of time

Wacky Practicals

Wacky Practicals

Our History

We’ve been in the business of reinventing everyday products for many years. Over that time we’ve worked along side some of the most well known companies in the world including Procter & Gamble Boots and Superdrug. Our Easi-Twist Jar Opener for example has been available in North America for several years and we’ve sold hundreds of thousands in Walmart stores spread across the continent. Recently we’ve grown and taken on new partnerships with a view to expanding our product range and through the website offering them directly to consumers.

Our Present

We operate out of a restored barn near Chichester in West Sussex – an environment we find conducive to reinventing old classics into new shapes and sizes! All of our stock is stored in the warehouse and is dispatched directly to our customers on a daily basis. We continue to develop and search for products worldwide that we ourselves would like to use at home or at play.

Our Philosophy


We design and produce items that are useful in every day life. We always add a touch of panache into the mix; just because it’s practical it doesn’t have to be boring! Quality is important to us as we’re keen to make products that stand the test of time. The “throw away” mentality doesn’t sit well with us. It can mean that some of our products are more expensive than your typical supermarket but then again they should last a lifetime. We take the long-view with our customers too and have gradually developed a loyal fan base!




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