Sun 736 - Scenic Wallpaper by Cocktail Designers

Product Description

The Cocktail group was born in 2004 in Lyon after various collaborative efforts in the world of contemporary art. The group consists of Claire Moreux and Olivier Huz, graphic artists, Olivier Vadrot and Lionel Mazelaygue (architects, designers and show commissioners). Cocktail efforts re-invest the idea of decor and, by extrapolation, envisage a territory of experimentation common to art, architecture, design and graphic arts. Each of their creations is the occasion of a staging, questioning the capacity of the objects to exist alone and to build sense among them or tell a story.

Limited edition to 100 numbered pieces a year

372 x 300 cm. Can be cut to fit your wall dimensions

Additional Information

Manufacturer Cocktail Designers
Materials Pandarosa
Dimensions 372 x 300 cm



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