Superhero Art Chuck Norris Kombat Kommados Hand Painted rare comic Cover 24x36

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Chuck Norris and the Ninja Kommados, is brilliant, If you ever want to know what the 80’s were all about this cartoon style and chuck Norris would show you how they single handily represented the world and how we all used to Love America and everything they made

Chuck Norris one of THE cult heroes from his days in Delta Force made him the icon of the 80’s and his cartoons were well …… have a loom and see. A rare painting done for pour love of chuck Norris while everyone else loved the Hoff we stuck with the true Karate Action hero King! I mean who do you know could kick the A*@ of every ninja in less than the time it took to write this blurb
Brilliant good feeling painting – a real must have

Geek the Artist is the Nerds of Hand Painting crew assembled to battle the forces of printed, digital, mundane, anyone can do art! The crew formed to abolish, diminish and destroy all forms of generic reproduction prints. We are a unit of 4 Artist that paint what’s in our mind and present them with the use of vibrant painting techniques, colour and imagination that are a lost form in modern day society! From Pop culture to Political icons to graffiti cult art we paint the pulse of today’s generation. We are the nerd Republic of hand only painted art and we are available on exclusively… till we have our own showroom next year, so get us online while you can!

Our Geek the Artist series are limited in edition we only produce 5 max of each item so be unlimited in your approach to get these rare works.

Be Unique Be Clooci

This is a limited edition painting as all our artworks and will not be reproduced on mass scale. This is our pledge and our fight against Digital Print art!

Clooci Creative

Clooci Creative

Clooci Creative is the award winning design studio that makes things fun! #ThinkCreative


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