Swarovski wavy Pearl Bracelet with heart

Product Description

This is a really beautiful bracelet made on Sterling Silver wire with Swarovski wavy pearls
and a little foill heart… and Swarovski crystals …each one is different the clasp is a sterling silver heart and toggle clasp…perfect for teenagers and grown ups alike! wear a few at once..really fantastic…

Bo Bangles

Bo Bangles

Here we are with new branding... website with new ideas and collaborations

This new collaboration for Bricolage is a renaissance of Bo’s designs in stunning new pieces. Wool felted with silk vintage lace Finished off with stunning hand beading by Lesley at Couture Beading  fabric is so soft the garters and cuffs are simply divine. New Collections You won’t be able to resist! Each one is of the items are all handmade “ One Offs “see for yourself Rock Star Chic  Heart Felt and Glorious Extras on the way. We also have Bridal Cuffs on the way .check out Bo Bangles websites for info


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