teapot mug

Product Description

Inspired from the tea-loving commonality between Japanese and British cultures, this multi-purpose ‘mug teapot’ uses ceramic’s natural property of insulation and extends its capabilities with the design addition of the tealight module: Using a traditional kitchenware material with a modern twist.

How to use:
Put a tea light in the bottom part, place the teapot-mag part with your favourite drink. Then your drink will be kept warm for a while. Additionally, the wool cover saves your hand get burned if you have sensitive skin with heat.

material: Earthenware, wool, wood

Additional Information

Dimensions 8.5 x 12 x 22 cm


SAYOKO DESIGNS is established in London 2013 by Japanese designer Sayoko Shibuya. It is a place to create something within the space or space itself with ideas of possibilities in materials and different cultural experience between Japan and Britain. It is to make people to emotionally and physically experience the space.


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