Thames Tea Set in Blue

Product Description

This set includes one Thames teapot in blue & two matching Thames cups and saucers. The Thames tea collection carefully follows the path of the river starting from it’s source at Thames Head and flowing around the teapot as it makes it’s way to the sea. On the cup and saucer, the Thames source begins on the plate and wanders over and around the cup. This will keep your Thames daydreams strong wherever you happen to be.
The pot lids have hand painted knobs and delicate lines of blue around each lid rim.
5-6 cup teapot (depending upon whether you are drinking from the Thames cup & saucer or a larger mug)
Designed in the studio in the Oxo Tower, on the River Thames, and entirely made in Stoke on Trent.
Teapot: 27 (from handle to spout) x 110 x 160 (from base to tip of knob) cms
Saucer – 15cms diameter
Cup – 80cms wide by 60cms tall

Additional Information

Manufacturer Snowden Flood
Weight 1.8 kg
Snowden Flood

Snowden Flood


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