The Flame Light Shade

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The uniqueness of the Flame Light Shade comes from its multifaceted form: it appears different from every angle without compromising its overall visual power.

The name of this shade is well chosen as its shape echoes the movement of a flickering Flame, frozen in time and space and allowing a gentle, warm light to filter through.

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Brilliant white translucent polypropylene sheet is the material used to create this sculptural light shade, a material chosen for its quality, durability and recyclability.
It is guaranteed to last you a lifetime.

Specially designed recyclable polypropylene rivets are used to hold the light shade together – in fact it would be impossible to create the clean curves and shapes without these vital components.

The Flame measures:

L 38cm x W 28cm x H 17cm

To be used with a 60 watt equivalent energy
saving bulb only.

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