The Omni-Reflective Looking Glass

Product Description

Since the dawn of time people have wanted to reflect upon their image. Like Narcissus reflecting on his own image in a lake this wonderful composition of ten mirrors allows you to look upon yourself and your surroundings with multiple reflections.

As a piece from ‘Designer’s Atelier Collection of International Treasures’ this mirror is a fine example of the specialist items sourced by award-winning designer Dagmar Holub. You will see that the variation of the mirrors gives you slightly different images, with various lights depending through which looking-glass you are viewing.

George Bernard Shaw once said “You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul.” However with this sparkling example of mirror art you have the best of both worlds.

Additional Information:

Materials: Mahogany Wood, Gold Leaf, Smoked Mirror, Fixing Support
Product Dimensions: H170CM X D20CM X W180CM


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