The Ooob - Doorstop & Bookend (Deep Pink)

Product Description

Ooob the Doorstop takes a contemporary twist on the humble doorstop. A charming yet elegant piece, Ooob the Doorstop boasts great looks and an ergonomic design. Suitable to all décor, Ooob lends a strong aesthetic statement to a common, everyday domestic accessory. Simply prop it against any door and see.

Ooob the Doorstop won the Grand Designs award for Best Interior Styling Product 2008.

Weight: 1.1kg
Dimensions: L230.H70.W70mm
Materials: Steel and silicone

Features & Benefits
– Beautiful – The Ooob’s generous, voluptuous form gives it an attractive and unique aesthetic quality.
– Ergonomic – Stubbing your toes on a doorstop can hurt. The Ooob’s curved surface gives it a smooth, streamlined profile which eliminates catch points.
– Thoughtful – Unlike wedges that damage the bottoms of doors, the Ooob sits passively in front of it.
– Gentle – With its rubber skin the Ooob won’t scratch floors or doors.
– Multifunctional – Due to its weight, the Ooob can also be used as a bookend.

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