The Poets Collection of 3 Limited Edition Letterpress Prints.

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This beautiful new collection of limited edition letterpress prints from Wasted & Wounded celebrates three of the most original and celebrated ‘poets’ of the music world, namely Leonard Cohen, Patti Smith and Nick Drake.

Each of these artists have produced a body of work that reveals a unique and individual voice that sets them apart from the vast majority of songwriters. These are the kind of artists that lead where others follow, those who inspire their contemporaries and the generations to come, the kind of artists that most others can only aspire to be.

Perhaps no other musician blurs the lines between songwriter and poet more than Leonard Cohen. He of course began his creative life as a poet and famously turned to music as he believed it offered him better prospects for making a living than the life of a poet ever could. Thank God that he’d never heard of investment banking back in the 1960’s.
In honour of Leonard’s eloquent artistry we have ‘distilled’ the lyrics of his debut album from 1968 ‘The Songs Of Leonard Cohen’ into a beautiful letterpress print using the exquisite Baskerville Old Face font and a gorgeous deep dark blue ink on a pure white 100% recycled heavyweight card stock.

Patti Smith is a woman of many, many talents. Musician, artist, rock star, political activist, photographer, author…. all of these titles can justly be applied to Patti. It is perhaps as a poet though that Patti Smith herself would most like to be recognised. Her greatest artistic inspiration comes from the likes of Rimbaud and William Blake and indeed her life on stage actually began not in a band, but as a performing poet at the famed Poetry Project at St Marks Church in New York in the early 1970’s.
For this collection, we have distilled the lyrics of Patti’s debut album, ‘Horses’ into a striking letterpress print using the same condensed Helvetica font that appears on the album cover. The print is made on 100% recycled pure white heavyweight card stock using jet black ink.

Nick Drake only made three albums in his short lifetime and sadly never lived long enough to know that his talents would become so widely recognised. The fact that he only made three records matters little when you realise that each one is an undisputed masterpiece. A lyricism and beauty flows through the lines of Drake’s songs that places him not just as a great songsmith, but as one of the great poets of his age.
This letterpress print takes as its inspiration the lyrics from Nick’s magnificent debut album ‘Five Leaves Left’ to create an elegant and sophisticated piece of typographic art. The print is designed using the classic Perpetua font using a deep green ink echoing the colours of the album sleeve and is printed on 100% recycled pure white heavyweight card stock.

The prints in the collection are limited to an edition of 200 and they are all totally unique, being individually number stamped, with each print in the set having matching numbers.

In buying all three prints together you will be making a saving of almost 25% compared to buying them individually.

Each design is printed using one of the last remaining vintage Heidelberg Cylinder Letterpresses, in Rye, East Sussex. The rich colour of the inks and the deep impression of the type into the paper are unique characteristics of this traditional process.

The prints are A3 (approx. 12″x16″) and will fit in any standard A3 size frame. Please note, the frames shown in the photographs are for display purposes only and are not included.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Wasted & Wounded
Materials Recycled Card, Letterpress Ink
Weight 0.22 kg
Dimensions 13 x 26 cm
Wasted & Wounded

Wasted & Wounded

Wasted & Wounded is the creation of John Cheves a designer based in East Sussex who creates beautiful typography based letterpress prints inspired by music and popular culture.

The prints are made using a vintage Heidelberg Cylinder Letterpress to print onto 100% recycled 270gsm board. Each design is strictly limited to an edition of 500 and every print is individually number stamped. The rich colours and deep impression of the type into the paper are unique characteristics of this traditional process.


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