Three Kisses Gold Vermeil Necklace

Product Description

Inspired by postcards written during the war that were signed with love and kisses.

This 18K gold plated sterling silver necklace, is a cluster of 3 kisses hanging from a 40 cm chain. You can send a loved one kisses as you would when sending them a letter, or why not just treat yourself.

It measures 10mm x 12mm. The largest kiss is polished with the smaller two having a satin finish to provide contrast.

Nicola Crawford Designer Jewellery

Nicola Crawford Designer Jewellery

The debut collection ‘Lost Words’ inspired by a letter found in an antique shop written during the Second World War. The letter had been treasured for many years this made Nicola think about the way we communicate with friends and loved ones today. Text messages and emails can never convey the same feelings as a handwritten letter.


This collection conveys the permanence of a handwritten letter something that can be held in the hand and treasured.


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