Tidy House Tidy Mind - Desk Tidy Set

Product Description

The desk tidy set turns brush function on its head. Positioned upside the set utilises the structure, intrisic strength and density of the bristles to support and store the clutter of the desk top. A) Tidy Brush – pen holder: Brushes for tidy arrangements of pens, pencils and make up brushes etc. B) Tidy Brush – photo, memo and card holder: Brushes for tidy arrangements of photos, memos, notes and business cards. C) Tidy Brush – bits and bobs holder: Contains your loose bits and bobs

Additional Information

Manufacturer Thelermont Hupton Design
Materials Solid beech and synthetic bristles
Dimensions 8 x 34 x 3.4 cm
Thelermont Hupton

Thelermont Hupton

Since the studio’s formation in 2004 Thelermont Hupton’s products and furniture have become recognisable through their willingness to reflect social conventions and peculiarities and their strong visual identity and sometimes surprising functionality. The products are ingrained with the mark of well considered bold and inevitably lively design. 

Both Thelermont and Hupton arrived in the design world via the route of cabinet making and furniture design. They continue to celebrate this medium and build upon their catalogue of projects and products within this field. The emphasis of the furniture design process remains firmly on creating and maintaining a strong visual presence while accommodating the essentials of comfort and functionality demanded by both the domestic and contract market.

At the same time they have discovered that product design provides a route through which to convey and express their visual commentary in objects. This satisfies their urge to reflect influences that do not initially appear to have their roots founded in design with thoughtful challenging and useful pieces that are capable of winning acclaim and sales within the critical and serious retail marketplace. Their products are now stocked worldwide.

Thelermont Hupton offer distinct product and furniture ranges and a bespoke service.


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