Time 2 Stick'A Clock Fabric Wall Stickers Set (non vinyl)

Product Description

‘Time2’ is a super clever educational and functional clock. Arrange the activities stickers according to your child’s schedule and change the arrangement as needed.

“Welcome to the mirky waters of Mister Mista…In a prematurely maturing world Mister Mista is a throw-back to the days of old, meticulously illustrated, cheeky products for the non-conservative boy. “With Mister Mista we wanted to create kooky characters for kids rather than resized adult graphics and it was just natural that each illustration has a back story…” says Travis.

PVC free fabric stickers have slight woven texture and are of the highest quality. They can be repositioned many times without causing damage to your wall or tearing.

Size: Clock mechanism long hand is approx 22cm, short hand is 16cm (see images 1,2 and 3)

Stickers sheet size is 58cm x 31cm. Each number sticker is 8.8cm diameter.

Shipped safely in a postal box.



Chocovenyl is simple and irresistible like chocolate and vanilla. The creme de la creme of todays illustration on the most beautiful PVC free self-adhesive fabric.

Our wall stickers are matt with slight fabric texture. Just peel and stick and re-stick till your heart's content.

Nataly and Guy the founders of Chocovenyl are a graphic designer and an engineer a mom and a dad of three. Nataly is passionate about interior design illustration and the new medium of residential wall graphics. Guy is passionate about Nataly and he makes things work.

They dreamed up Chocovenyl to:

Excite over this new medium allowing endless playful possibilities; Infuse your daily space with wonderful colour and whimsical creations; Unframe art working with the world community of artists who are creating a most exciting art for your home; and finally to put a smile on your face.


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