To Feel Free

Product Description

Illustrated love poetry print. Print features bird and heart border detail. Landscape and seascape with a couple sitting beneath a windmill.

Print reads ‘My darling take me under the moon, And let the waves take their toll, take me from the world where I cannot give what I want to give and let us feel the push of the wind rush across our cheeks; Let us dance upon the hills and find rest beneath trees; Let us watch flickering stars be fireflies in the sky and remind me what it is to live, Let me take your hand in mine and feel free’. Copyright Anais Woolf.

Printed on 350gsm recycled paper.

A4 print – 21cm x 29.7cm

Mounted A4 print – 30cm x 40cm

Anais Woolf Illustration

Anais Woolf Illustration

We are a design duo based in Scotland.  One of us began our creative life in the art foundation classroom while the other was reading lots of classical literature and poetry.  Many moons later our paths finally crossed in a pub over cigarettes and wine and a relationship quickly blossomed.  The friendship and love that bloomed soon brought sketches poems and letters to share with each other.  We soon found other people liked them too so we thought why not combine out imaginations.... So here we are now.  Our aim is to produce things that make people happy remind them of a special person or a wonderful place and let them have a little escape from a busy life.

Thankyou for looking and we hope you find something you like!


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