Treasure tote - Ombre chevrons in Yellow

Product Description

The treasure tote is so called because of the removable pouch clipped inside. Rather than creating a pocket inside the bag for your valuables, this tote has a removable pouch. Once your treasured items are stowed inside they can be clipped into the bag for safe keeping or removed for quick trips to the shops.
I made the first incarnation of the treasure tote while studying at Art School. I would regularly take sketchbooks, pencil tins, reference books and much more into college everyday but got fed up carrying it all with me when I popped out to get a sandwich. So I made myself a bag with a removable pocket for all my valuables that I could just unclip leaving all the heavy stuff at my desk.
This bag lets you be the person who packs for every eventuality but who doesn’t necessarily want to carry it about all day, the best of both worlds.
Made from strong organic cotton canvas with leather straps this bag is built to last.
Screen printed by hand from my original illustrations. I use water based inks for my prints and lots of love and care to make each and every bag.

Additional Information

Manufacturer showpony
Materials Organic Cotton Canvas and Leather
Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 14 cm



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