Up-cycled messenger bag

Product Description

The name is misleading – you don’t have to be a messenger to be a proud owner of this bag. It’s equally good to carry any- and everything you need at work or at school. Great protection against rain, dust and boring mass production.

There is a large pocket to protect your laptop inside the bag. There are also two smaller pockets at each end and a fourth small pocket to contain your phone, some business cards or a deck of cards. (Firemen often carry a pack of cards with them). The length of the strap is adjustable.

Made from fire hoses

Messenger bag is made of two different kind of up-cycled fire hoses – gray and red, whereas the red one is thicker than the gray one. The inside of the gray fire hose has been used to get the black color on the messenger bag.

Additional Information

SKU messenger
Manufacturer HoseWear
Materials Decommissioned fire hose, clothing manufacturing leftovers
Dimensions 10 x 38 x 30 cm


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