Upcycled tote bag - made of fire hoses


Product Description

If there is such thing as accessory that can be used anywhere, then our Tote bag is one. You can wear it to school, beach, gym or a weekend trip. The bag looks great and protects your belongings from water, heat and lack of originality. It’s unisex and unisize, but each bag is unique and has its character.

There is a large pocket to protect your laptop inside the bag. There is also a smaller pocket with a colorful zipper to look after your smaller belongings.

Like our other bags this Tote bag is made of upcycled fire hoses. If we wouldn’t turn this very durable material into bags, it would be burnt (ironic, huh?) or taken into a landfill.

Additional Information

SKU totebag
Manufacturer HoseWear
Materials Decommissioned fire hose, clothing manufacturing leftovers
Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 15 x 36 x 45 cm


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