Upcycled wallet, made of recycled fire hoses


Product Description

You may know this Wallet by its previous name, Fire Hose. That’s right, this wallet is made of first-class second-hand fire hoses. Fire hoses, which ironically would have been burnt, had we not turned them into wallets and other goodies.

As you can see from the photos, the up-cycled wallet has 3 separate pockets for credit cards and cash. It feels pleasantly small in your typical jeans pocket.

The black wallet is actually made out of gray fire hoses, but we’ve turned the hose inside out. The insides of the yellow fire hoses (and wallets) are originally coated with silicone, but we’ve put soft lining inside to make it easier to slip your cards, guitar picks or cash in it. The lining is manufacturing leftovers, by the way. These fire hoses served their first run mostly in Estonia.

Additional Information

SKU wallet
Manufacturer HoseWear
Materials Decommissioned fire hose, clothing manufacturing leftovers
Dimensions 1 x 1.15 x 0.7 cm


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