Vintage Number Card

Product Description

An original 1940’s children’s birthday card beautifully framed and boxed. A stunning vintage gift.

We have a small stock of these gorgeous original ‘number’ birthday cards which were produced in Britain in the 1940’s. A rare and original gift for children to treasure throughout their lives. The perfect gift for a birthday, christening or just because!

Each card is a real piece of history and when they’re gone… they’re gone!

There are nine designs in total from 1 to 9 and each design is completely different.

This gift is presented framed and gift boxed in a unique ‘Vintage Number Card’ Gift Box. You can also opt for gift wrap as an extra if you want to send this glorious piece of history direct to someone.

These are original 1940’s cards so we recommend not displaying them in direct sunlight as they may fade – However they have already lasted 70 years and they’re looking mighty good so far!

Additional Information

SKU 185163
Manufacturer Sideshow Design
Materials The original card has been mounted and framed in an elegantly simple plain wood frame and the rhyme printed on the inside of the
Dimensions 16 x 36 cm
Sideshow Design

Sideshow Design




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