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Product Description

‘vonPappe’ is German for ‘of cardboard’, and that is exactly what this chair is made of.

The minimalistic design originated at the renowned Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. It can complement bespoke interiors or act as a blank canvas for your creativity. Smaller sizes for children are also available.

This chair is light, yet very stable: during testing it withstood a load of over 500 kg!

It is practical, but not at the cost of sustainability: the cardboard is made from at least 70% recycled material, and at the end of its useful life it can be 100% recycled. Production takes place in Germany to assure quality and minimise transport miles.

(Dis)Assembly is very easy: the chair consists of two cardboard pieces that slot into each other; they come folded in a reusable, flat-pack case.

We have managed to turn cardboard, an inconspicuous packaging material, into an innovative piece of furniture that allows for a flexible, individual and sustainable lifestyle.

Package size: L: 100 cm / W: 45 cm / D: 13 cm

Additional Information

Manufacturer vonPappe
Materials Corrugated fibreboard, at least 70% recycled. 100% recyclable.
Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 40 x 38 x 93 cm

vonPappe cardboard furniture

vonPappe is a dynamic young business established in Germany in 2013. Our vision is to create furniture that does not only suit a modern lifestyle but also has a low environmental footprint by combining high-quality design with sustainability. The idea was sparked when one of our founders spent time abroad and was looking for sustainable individual furniture that he could easily move to his next residence. The minimalistic slick design originated at the renowned Bauhaus-Universität in the German city of Weimar. It can complement bespoke interiors or act as a blank canvas for the owner’s creativity. The cardboard is produced from at least 70% recycled material and at the end of its useful lifetime it can be fully recycled. We try to minimise transport miles in the production process. Therefore the cardboard is sourced from central Germany and manufacturing takes place in Weimar.

Shipping Details

Shipping from : Germany

Dispatch Time : 2-3 working days

Country Cost Delivery Time
United Kingdom £4.99 1 week - 2 weeks
Europe £3.99 1 week - 2 weeks


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