Walking Bird Light Shade

Product Description

Walking Bird lampshade pattern available in 3 sizes as a standing lamp or as a lamp, 100% cotton. Design pattern coming from the Animal collection, lampshade is with faux leather trim n the bottom edge.



Hello my name is Gosia and welcome to my store!
My passion is to create modern art for the home with images that tend
to be strong quirky and fun !
All of my art from the images through to the materials I use are
created and chosen by myself and hence the quality and finish are of
the highest importance !
In my shop you will find a range of quirky handmade cushions high
quality framed prints in various sizes and a selection of hanging and
lampshades that I assemble myself. Its all done in my London studio !
 I also produce a range of fun
greeting cards with chickens and other fantastic creatures !

My range of products are still growing and i have further ideas that
are waiting to materialise !
So please keep an eye out and enjoy my store !


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