Customised Where We First Met Jigsaw Puzzle

Customised Where We First Met Jigsaw Puzzle


Central to this sentimental gift, the jigsaw pieces spell out " love you" over the location where you first met your loved one.

This could be a bar, club, restaurant, office, shop or anywhere else! It will show just how much that single moment meant to you.

It is the ideal Valentine's Day gift or anniversary present.


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When it comes to those special occasions where you want to show then just how much you love them it can be difficult to put across just how much you love them with a box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers. Instead show her how thoughtful you really are by giving her a personalised romantic gift. The “We First Met” Personalised Jigsaw allows you to create a unique jigsaw by customising the location shown by simply providing the post code.

Made from either 1.5mm quality Millboard. The millboard jigsaw includes a pink gift box and red cotton drawstring bag for holding the jigsaw pieces.

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