Whiskey Stones - Chill your whiskey without diluting it


Product Description

Ideal for whisky connoisseurs and a great bar gift these Whiskey Stones come in a cool looking drawstring bag from The kitchen Gift Co Distillery.

Whiskey Stones are the new great and innovative way to keep your whiskey or fine beverage of choice cool without watering it down, these stones are the perfect ice substitute. Simply place them in the freezer for a few hours and they are ready to use. Unlike regular ice cubes, whiskey stones will not melt and dilute your drink.
Rinse before first use then place in your freezer +4 hrs in the storage bag provided, When ready add two or three stones to your glass. After use, simply rinse and allow the stones to dry before returning them to your freezer.

Contents: 6 Reusable Whisky stones In A kitchen Gift Co Distillery Storage Bag

The Kitchen Gift Company

The Kitchen Gift Company

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