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Wild Flowers wall stickers make nature spring indoors. Ideally ‘growing’ from the edge of a floor, gap in wall, or a bookshelf, these wall stickers look great applied in a hallway, office or kitchen. Colours are inspired by T.S. Eliot’s text Wasteland. Casual and unpretentious, they enhance a space with organic detail and colourful accents. Designed by Heloise Acher.

flowers included:
– Upright Meadow Buttercup (Latin name: Ranunculus Acris)
– Sheperd’s Purse (Latin name: Capsella Bursa-Factoris)
– Bogpound Weed Water Plantain (Latin name: Lejeun Pour.)
– Lady Smock or Cuckoo Flower (Latin name: Cardamine Pratensis)
– Wood Anemon (latin name: Anemone Nemorosa)
– Daisy (Latin name: Bellis Perennis)

Delivered with application guide

Additional Information

SKU 52
Manufacturer Ursula Hitz
Materials vinyl
Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 76 x 56 cm
Seagull Hut Ltd

Ursula Hitz

Ursula Hitz is an artist and designer. Born in rural Switzerland she cultivated diverse talents in typography graphics and cheese making. Since moving to London a decade ago her work has focused on location and place. She meticously creates typographic maps fo the wold's best-known cities. Her work is exhibited featured and reviewed both online and in selected London galleries.

'Each map is a place to rest your eyes on. You can contempate it as an abstract texture as a location or as a series of words. Unlike regular maps mine don't focuts on streets or buildings. Instead they build an organic texture of words that grow from the centre.'

The maps are screen-printed on archival printmaking paper. Texture deckle edge and vibrancy of colours convey an air of heriage while the character comes from slight inconsistencies in the ink levels.




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