You Will Only Get What You Work For


Apply this You Will Only Get What You Work For, sports decals, in any flat surface (walls, windows, doors, furniture). Decor vinyl for your home.If you are the kind of person that are looking for a piece of art in your wall this You Will Only Get What You Work For is the perfect choice.This product is die-cut digitally in colour vinyl to keep the color of your wall as sticker base.


Vinyl Colour


Materials & Characteristics for your sticker
Material: Die-Cut vinyl
Apply in: Home Deco (Any flat surface like walls, windows, doors, cars)
Application time: around 25/35 minutes

We only use the finest quality films to produce your You Will Only Get What You Work For inspirational quote. The wafer-thin, pliable soft vinyl film fits like a second skin to your wall. For the matte film coating, the motif looks as if painted not stuck. Moon Wall stickers are plotted for its outline, and thus they neither have a border nor a background colour.

Ideas for your sticker
You Will Only Get What You Work For is a perfect wall decal in a minimalist space, office and home.
You can apply it in any flat surface of your choice. We recommend walls, windows or furniture.
Because is a die-cut sticker you don’t have to worry about background.

Requirements Checklist
Our adhesive wall decals hold on almost all smooth surfaces, walls, doors, glass, furniture, and tiles. They are also suitable for woodchip and your bathroom. For a long-lasting delight with your wall decor, we recommend you assure that the surface onto which you want to attach your sticker has the following features:

– Free of dust and grease
– Smooth
– Free of silicone and oil-based paints
– Without latex residue.

If the surface has been freshly painted, we recommend that you wait at least three or four weeks for the paint to cure completely before you attach your decal!

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