Wine socks - cozy coasters - perfect stocking fillers

Product Description

For design lovers who are eco aware and those who like every day to be special. These Wine socks stay on the glass for practicality, beauty but mostly ’cause it’s clever.
Never again will you find coasters stuck at the bottom of your glass, just to fall off right in the wrong moment and land in someone’s food. No more lost coasters, marks on designer table tops, -Who’s glass is mine? etc. Easy to wash and gorgeous to look at:

1 pair of Cow Christmas Red & Ice blue

These Smart Coasters are hand cut and made out of recycled bottle felt in London. Felt is an amazing material that can hold liquid several times it’s weight. It is best to wash them by hand for long lasting enjoyment but they have been successfully washed in machine at 30 °C.

About Eco-fi felt (what the manufacturers say) – “Manufactured from “eco-fi” polyester fibre which uses 100% post consumer recycled bottles.
Polyester fibres allow it to be hand washed and cool ironed whilst retaining all the beauty and benefits of wool felt.”

Design – Linda Skoglund

Luna Rei



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