Winter Robin Handmade Crackers Box of Six

Winter Robin Handmade Crackers Box of Six


Beautiful, Handmade Christmas crackers. Colourful little robin in festive colours and baubles, finished off with an organza red ribbon.

Available with a range of unusual fillings.

Wonderful on any festive table.

Filling Required

Hats and Jokes



Box of Six Luxury Handmade Christmas Crackers.

These vibrant and cheerful Christmas crackers are handmade with care to create a stunning addition to your Christmas dinner table. We aim to create a quality product using traditional craft methods.

Each cracker is illustrated with a chirpy little robin with festive colours and baubles. They are then printed on beautiful textured paper and finished off with a vibrant red organza ribbon to create a luxury cracker just for you.

Every cracker has a wonderful snap when pulled apart, a shimmering gold foil paper hat, a joke and a filling. We aim to create fillings that are slightly different, whether as a memento of the occasion or something to possibly bring a little competition to the table.

Discounts available for large orders.

Fillings Available:

Origami and Instructions – each cracker has a different set of instructions for varying difficulties, a fun challenge for everyone.

Table football – create your own football field on the dinner table and play against each other by blowing the football through the goals with jumbo straws. Includes football, straws, whistle and instructions.

Handmade Milk Chocolate Truffle – be a little more genteel and have a bite-size chocolate.

Packet of Sweet Pea seeds – mini envelopes containing sweet pea seeds, a lovely way for you and your guests to remember your special day.

Packet of Christmas Tree seeds – mini envelopes of Christmas tree seeds.

Modelling Balloons – each cracker contains a modelling balloon with fun and easy instructions, each box comes with a balloon pump.

Brain Teasers and Tongue Twisters – a little challenge in each cracker, entertainment for the whole table.

Mixed – a mixture of all of the gifts, excluding table football and balloon modelling.

Send us a message for any bespoke requests or questions.

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