World Map Vintage Wall Art


First of all, our wallpapers are designed to allow you to make the perfect wall art on any room of your home or office, furthermore, unlike traditional wallpaper you will not need to apply adhesive or paste.

Simply apply it to the wall and finally you’re done, the perfect wall art! Peel and stick wallpaper is also just as easy to take off as it is to put on. They certainly are amazing for a perfect interior decor for home, office and also apartments, dorm rooms, temporary decoration such as for parties and even furniture decor.

Most noteworthy, we suggest the World Map Vintage Wall Art as it is a beautiful and amazing wall decoration and consequently a gorgeous choice.

Our peel and stick wallpapers will certainly transform any room of your home or office, quick and mess free with the World Map Vintage Wall Art.


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XXL: 384 х 254 cm | 151.2 x 100 inches
XL: 298 x 197 cm | 117.3 x 77.6 inches
L: 260 x 172 cm | 102.4 x 67.7 inches
M: 243 x 160 cm | 95.7 x 63 inches
S: 195 x 130 cm | 76.8 x 51.2 inches

Material Information
– We use commercial grade high quality adhesive backed fabric wallpaper;
– Our peel and stick wallpaper can be used on very slightly textured walls;
– Sticks to any flat surface. It is resistant to tearing and creasing;
– You can easily peel it off and move to another location or store it on the protective paper to use it anytime;
– Features a smooth texture and matte finish;
– Adhesive backed with paper Liner;
– Printed on a white background;
– Does not require glue or paste,
– Printed with 20 year indoor fade resistant ink;
– Wallpaper is slightly translucent.

How To Apply
– 1. Clean the surface, make sure the surface is free of dust, dirt and moisture. Let Dry.
– 2. Start the application aligning the wallpaper sheet with the top left corner of the wall. The backing paper should be slowly removed while doing step 3.
– 3. Adjust as needed then press firmly with a smooth cloth from to centre to the left and centre to the right, carefully pushing out any air bubbles. Top to bottom.
– 4. With a hair dryer apply some heat to the wallpaper to activate the glue and seal it. Make sure you do this process on the edges.
– 5. While applying heat use a smooth cloth and press firmly for a perfect finish.

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