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CHRISTMAS DELIVERY — Order by 12pm on 20th December to receive this item in time for Christmas. Next Day Delivery also available until midday 21st December – please contact for details (UK customers only)*

Inspire kids and young adults with this cool Christmas stocking starring gifts designed by London teenage art sensation, Zoom Rockman, as seen in the Beano! It’s full of jokes, ideas, sweets and general genius from The Zoom (it may even get a kid off their ipod for 20 minutes – no promises!).

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– The Zoom’s Elastic Band Shooter (£20)

– Sea Donkeys joke shop gift (£3.50)

– Skanky Pigeon Quill Pen joke shop gift (£3.50)

– Space Rock joke shop gift (£1.50)

– Jelly Spogs from Cocoapod (£3.50)

– Liquorice Wheels from Cocoapod (£3.50)

– The Zoom magazine/comic (£5)

– Magic Animated Chocolate Santa Box from Cocoapod (£15)

– MatchCarden Village Shop from Another Studio (£3.95)

Add in a gorgeous Santa Sack red Christmas stocking to pull everything together. Handmade in the UK.

Total: £104.45 including stocking with free P&P

A Christmas stocking that gives you a pass into the wonderful and frequently hilarious world of teenage art sensation Zoom Rockman. Zoom (now 16) has been drawing a strip for the Beano since he was 12. This stocking contains his own comic  The Zoom (£5) that kids love (even, in our experience, those who don’t ordinarily love reading ‘normal’ books). This is mixed in with a classic: the Elastic Band Shooter (£20) and opportunities to grow your own Sea Donkeys (£3.50), own a piece of Space Rock (£1.50) and try and master the Skanky Pigeon Quill Pen (£3.50). Good luck with all of that! Energy for all of this fun is provided by the inclusion of Jelly Spogs (£3.50) and Liquorice Wheels from Cocoapod (£3.50). And we’ve even a dash of wholesome fun with our grow-your-own village shop cress garden from Another Studio (£3.95) and finally the Cocoapod Magic Xperience Chocolate box for animated Santa magic fun! Welcome to The Zoom! This is how he rolls!

Add in a gorgeous Santa Sack red Christmas stocking to pull everything together. Handmade in the UK.

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*Your order will be dispatched in time to arrive before Christmas, based on the courier/postal service’s delivery time frames. We cannot take responsibility for unforeseen delays or changes to these time frames after your order has been dispatched.

The Christmas Stocking Project

Bouf Goes Underground.   We’ve brought some of the best and most interesting designers — focused on London creative talent — to Piccadilly Circus Tube Station in the run up to Christmas. Our mission is to help shoppers stuff stocking for loved ones with quality design-led gifts of substance. From fabulous Matchstick Earrings as seen in Grazia this month, by Sharlala Jewellery, to fun and delicious chocolates from Cocoapod and Sweet Trees.  We’ve got some real design pedigree in store too from the Much vaunted Antoni & Alison to One We Made Earlier‘s necklaces and lovely products from Sayoko Designs, Another Studio, Linescapes, Santa Sacks, Nitin Goyal and more…  don’t miss the brilliant Zoom Rockman’s comic the Zoom either.

So if you can’t make it to London – you can create your dream stocking on our store page here, and we’ll deliver, or shop the products from the pop up online here from the comfort of your own home. No need to brave the tube!


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