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Gifts For Special Celebrations

champagne bucket

Special occasion? Celebrating some good news? Made your bed this morning? (ok that might be a bit of a stretch!) but sometimes we all need a reason to crack open the bubbly and enjoy the good times.

At we have put together some of our favourite gifts and treats for those times that need something with a little bit more pop.

So sit back, wine down, and take a look at some of our Top Picks here at Bouf!


Bouf’s Top Picks

Froid Wine Cooler

wine cooler

This Froid Wine Cooler is simply ingenious – and looks great on any kitchen worktop or dining table.

The double-walled design easily keeps all kinds of bottles cold, and with a built in cork holder, it adds that extra special touch. Plus it’s great way to display that old vintage wine you’ve been saving so your guests can see all the fine details!

When it comes to wedding gifts lets face it, how many champagne glasses do the happy couple really need?!

A thoughtful and unique present, our wine cooler will be the item you know they will use time and time again – here’s hoping you get that invite over to the newlyweds and see it in all it’s glory!


Press Here For Champagne Print

press for champagne print

This fun and stylish Press Here For Champagne Print is perfect for any lover of modern style, art, interior decor, oh and champagne of course!

Available in a range of sizes, this print will look perfect in any living room, kitchen or home bar, (if you have a home bar – can we come round?).

These prints are made to order and are printed on 230gsm fine art paper. The quality is stunning and they’re designed to fit standard off the shelf frames, so you can easily jazz up any room.

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee the button on the print will really work – but hey, we can hope can’t we?


13° 60° 104° Wine Decanter

wine decanter

Mouth-blown and formed by hand in Slovenia, our 13° 60° 104° Wine Decanters are as unique as it gets.

Due to the extensive work required to make each piece, these decanters are only produced in small runs – so you know you are investing in something truly special.

Why 13° 60° 104°? That’s the three possible angles at which the decanter can sit. At 13 degrees, the decanter begins the evening sober. As drinking progresses, at 60 degrees the decanter is a little tipsy. By the end of the evening, it sits at a drunken 104 degrees!

Created with serious wine connoisseurs in mind – the 13° 60° 104° encourages oxygen into the wine with every turn as the liquid moves and the wine’s potential flavours can emerge.

If you are looking to step up your taste experience, you’ll be on cloud wine with this stunning creation.


Personalised Name Stemless Wine Glass

Personalised stemless wine glass

If there’s something about seeing your name on a personalised item that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, we have the perfect gift for you.

Our Personalised Stemless Wine Glasses are hand etched and can be made with any name, nickname or title of your choosing!

Stemless wine glasses are the latest trend in home interiors and even look stylish when not in use, so make sure you have a perfect spot for them to be displayed and admired.

For the friend that has everything, they also make a fantastic little gift, plus they’re Free Delivery – we’ll drink to that!


Skyscraper 4 Piece Bar Set

Skyscraper drinks set

For the ultimate pièce de résistance (can you tell of this champagne talk has gone to our heads?) our Skyscraper 4 Piece Bar Set will get any party started.

Compact and easy to store, the base of the tower serves as a tray followed by an ice cooler including a lid.

Directly above it, you’ll find a bottle cooler that cools everything from fine wines to glorious champagnes.

A cocktail shaker is set on the top so there’s no excuse not to get experimental and wow your guests with your various concoctions!

For a really show stopping party or event, we also offer the stunning Cannes Champagne Tub

With an impressive diameter of 53cm and double wall, the Cannes Champagne Tub is the highest quality in eye-catching beverage holders.

Cannes Champagne Tub

So next time you’re looking for that extra special bubbly gift – just know we’ve got you covered – Cheers!